Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day

Over the years, April Fool's Day has begun to get a new meaning to me. Sure, the jokes and gags are fun and all, but the general absurdness of the world has gotten to me a bit. The ambient strangeness of everyday life makes the more creative strangeness of this day of fools pale in comparison.

Which, of course, means that my everyday experience is that much more interesting to live in. But it also means that the effort required to up the strangeness is that much higher - you have to get really strange, otherwise it's just another news item.

Remember SOPA/PIPA? Wasn't that a strange thing to have actually happening in the world? How do you up that? "Oh, hai, we're your elected legislative representatives. We literally don't know anything about what the laws we pass does - in fact we don't know anything about the world in general - but we're gonna pass this internet law thing anyway. Because those nice men and women in corporate suits told us to do so."

And the constant weirdness that happens to occupiers everywhere - how do you up that? How do you get stranger than that?

And the mainstream media - well. How DO you up that? And do we really want to know?

We live in a strange world. And it is strange indeed when you look to April Fool's Day for some good, old, plain peace and quiet - in contrast to those really strange things that go about happening every day without anyone raising an eyebrow about them.

Let's enjoy today while it lasts. Tomorrow it's business as usual again.

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