Sunday, March 31, 2013

The endless supply of chains

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about supply chains.

One might imagine this being a rather boring and dry subject, of the spreadsheet and flowchart frame of reference. One might. It would be to think of it at a far too narrow level, however.

Think bigger.

Nothing that is, is without a reason. This reason takes the form of a supply chain, usually of an endlessly long sort. More often than not, one can follow this chain far enough back to see what's shaping and forming it, and even formulate some outlines to ways to change these things as they happen in the future.

Nothing that is, continues to be without a steady supply chain.

This is a powerful statement, as it gives power to those who understand it. Nothing "is" in general - everything is because a steady (or not so steady) supply chain keeps the possibility of that thing open. Should something happen to the supply chain -

You see where I'm going.

You probably also see why it's a thought that merits a lot of thought. One can do a lot with it, on any level - it's just a matter of thinking the thought through. No matter if it happens to be about the global flow of oil, the bitcoin currency, the latest fashion trend in the local community, or the sudden tendency of certain bloggers to not be as fecund as they once were.

Anything goes. But it only goes so far as the chain allows it.

Remix that chain, would ya?

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