Monday, August 26, 2013

You can't buy this party boat for money

So now I have something more like six euros left. That's 6, for those of you that are bots and can't read numbers as letters. Or letters as numbers, as the case might be.

This poorness leads me to ask certain questions. One of them being: what would I do should I suddenly have boatloads of money?

After thinking about it, I've realized that the answer is not to buy a party boat, get high on vast amount of drugs, and do the vast amounts of debauchery that money seems to bring with it. Not that party boats, drugs and debauchery ain't fun, but - what's the point?

There's things to do, right? Important things to take care of, a world to save and so on. Right?


The thing about being poor is that things are unselected  for money reasons. Things that ought to be done aren't, things that should be done are postponed indefinitely, and things that want to be done are shoved aside by those things that can be done with the means at hand. Corners are cut, shoes that are not entirely whole are lived with, and those things that would be considered broken are continually used because the only other alternative is to not use them.

This makes it a natural thing to uncut these corners. Do those things that ought to be done, should be done and want to be done.

Having shoes that won't get my feet wet. Yeah. I can go with that. And eating something that is not cooked on the principle of getting a lot of food for no money. And all those other small things that never see the light of day, by virtue of being the expensive things that can't be afforded this month either.

The party boat will have to wait.

But after that, you ask?


Would it be utopian to think that I could transpose my cheap living way into the future, enjoying the (comparatively) good life I'm living now, only without the constant worries about money?

What would you do if you suddenly had boatloads of money?

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