Sunday, December 22, 2013

This is what blogging is

Some things are reduced to their general categories. They are one thing and one thing only, and one can thus safely talk about them as the one singular thing they are.

Blogging is one example of this.

You know how the talk goes. "Blogging" is on the decline, fewer people blog, the whole thing had its day but the sun is fast setting - and so on and so forth. Oftentimes without any specific examples - it's just blogging, in general.

The funny thing about blogs, if you ever find yourself reading one, is that it's about something. Consistently. And that it tends to conform to certain formal and informal rules, which are somehow also followed by other bloggers. Not all of them, but a certain subsection of them. Enough of them that they form a genre.

There are, to be sure, lots of genres when it comes to blogs. Political blogs, fashion blogs, political fashion blogs, book blogs, parenting blogs, search engine optimization blogs, blogs about blogs... there are many genres, about many things.

This makes is rather silly to talk about "blogging". As if it was just the one genre, and could be summarized as one singular thing. Because it isn't.

Blogging is many things. But it's not a genre.

Speaking of things that are reduced to a genre. Women -

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