Thursday, July 24, 2014

The power of two

Jews are cool.

Israel is not cool.

These two statements are, in the minds of some people, mutually exclusive. The one is the other, and vice versa - as inseparable as can be.

Thing is, though, they are separable. And it is important to separate them.

The recent and historical atrocities committed by the state of Israel can be understood by recent and historical atrocities committed by other states. They follow the same patterns, no matter who happens to be in charge; there is a systemic slide into barbarity inherent in states as such.

If you look at the history of Europe, you'll see it action over and over and over again. Sometimes against jews. Sometimes against each other. Mostly against defenseless innocents who happened to be in the wrong place.

Statehood does that to people. Decides who's in the right and wrong places. And removes those who are in the wrong.

So. There's jews all over the world. They are cool.

The state of Israel is in one place. It is uncool.

Now there's two thoughts to think at the same time.

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