Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello world

I recently began a rediscovery of my wardrobe. It contains clothes from many previous incarnations of me - and if you know what to look for, you can read between the seams. See what was used when, and probably where and how too.

If you know what to look for.

If you don't, it probably looks more like the random assortment of clothing that it actually is, casually put together during the not all too planned passing of lifetime. And a casual perusal would not reveal any semblance of order, progression or - indeed - sensibility whatsoever.

It just is. Ready to be put to use in a new now, or to be put away yet again to that inevitable later. Most of it will.

I had no taste when I bought most of it, after all. Though I had to be tasteless for a worryingly long time to find out.

Such is life. And such is blogging.

And as a blogger, you do indeed collect quite a wardrobe of experiences. If you stick to it long enough, you might even get a sense of taste - of how, what, why and when. And when life throws a situation at you, you know what garments to unpack from the dark, forgotten interior of your past. And, more importantly, what to wear to be dressed for that success that may or may not deign to happen.

Most of my outfits so far are distinctly local. The seams are sewn in lokalspeek, one of those very obscure techniques of word weaving whose very obscureness makes a hipster cry. Of joy or pain is, of course, not all too clear, but it is enough to rip open a tear in the flow charts. One simply cannot go with the flow when one is standing on the beach, and one cannot fish weaving a net result.

So - here goes. Leaving the safe shores of terra firma, taking with me only a ridiculously oversized wardrobe of remixable clothes, getting into new situations and finding out what the locals find appealing. And, possibly, getting some new additions to the unsorted mess of me - maybe even trying on a couple of wings, just for the heck of it.

Hello wardrobe. Hello world.

It is very much time for the two of you to meet each other.