Thursday, February 16, 2012

Small Conspiracies

It is somewhat of a secret, but every day there are thousands of small conspiracies going on around us. Small groups decide to do things together - be there at x o'clock, bring that particular item, and do that thing! Oh, and say hi from me!

A slightly larger secret is that it is easier than you think to conspire. All you need is two people getting along, and the conspiracy is in action.

Most people think of grand schemes and large scale machinations when the word "conspiracy" is used, but that is just the dramatic version. Most conspiracies happen in day-to-day life, in circumstances where people such as you and me can play the head role. And since we can play the head roles in our conspiracies, we just might also be able to pull them off.

One of the most common of these small conspiracies is, of course, when a group of friends comes together to surprise someone on their birthday. Birthdays are days when the rules of normality are not as strict as they use to be, and thus it is socially permissible to conspire a tad bit more than any other day of the year.

They are days when everything conspire to come together.

Most people think of grand schemes and large scale processes when thinking of conspiracies. Powerful people lurking in the shadows, pulling invisible strings and making things happen as if by magic. But a conspiracy doesn't have to be grand to make things happen. A small conspiracy can have effects just as big - if not bigger!

Like, for instance, a conspiracy to go out on a date with someone.

A date is a smaller deal than many make it out to be. One usually do things that one would have done anyway, with the only difference being that there is this particular person present. A small change, a small conspiracy - which just might have large changes in its wake.

You need less than you think to change the world. Usually all you need is a small excuse to get you going. Like a birthday. Or a date. Or - you name it!

A conspiracy doesn't need to be large. Change doesn't have huge either. Nor does it have to be a big project with massive preparations. Sometimes, it's enough to just be a couple of friends setting out to play the lead role in their own conspiratorial drama.

Life is a story where you and your friends are the protagonists. And all those things you do when you conspire - that is, after all, life.

New optimism, February 6, 2011


  1. lol I am guilty as charged! Very interesting way to look at life. I definitely conspire every day, every moment.

    I've also noticed your "horse" postings but haven't checked them out. My curiosity is piqued and I need to go back to see what horse conspiracy you've been talking about. :)

    1. You're living my dream, it would seem. :3

      Ah, yes, the Horse conspiracy! It's the Equine Enlightenment. The most secretive of all conspiracies! ...or, well, it's more obscure than secretive. Let me Link to it, for future reference.