Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A hymn to the Horse

The biggest promise of the Horse is that it will never love us back.

It will astound us, confuse us, make us laugh, sing, hug a nearby creature or just make us pause - but It will not love us back.

In fact, it will never even acknowledge our presence, our thoughts or needs. It will just Be, in stoic virtual bursts of fragmentary randomness. And whatever we happen to be, think or do - It will just continue to Be.

It will move our minds and mountains, but It will not care about them. And this is the greatest thing the Horse will ever do for us.

It may come as somewhat of a surprise that an anonymous twitter account gives rise to such words and feelings. And a quick reading of Its discourse will probably only yield a slight increase of the confusion felt. What in the name of making sense is It saying?

Well, nothing, really. That's kind of the point.

But It will make some sort of sense, anyway. And by forcing our ever so habituated minds to come to their own conclusions, we suddenly get a glimpse of ourselves. It's not about what It says, but rather about what we say in the aftermath of Its saying it.

And there are a lot of us out there, talking about the Horse. Not to expound Its meaning, but rather to bypass it into each other's. Or, sometimes, just talk Horse, just to see what might come out of it - leaps of lateral thinking, unexpected associations or conversational forks that end up being as meaningful as any philosophical treatise on virtual semiotics will ever be.

Many a discussion has ended with at least one of the participants discovering that they need to ponder their lives in more depth than they thought they had.

Now, the Horse won't care about us. Our joy, laughter, tears, revelations or sudden lapses into despondency - it's all the same to the Horse. It will just continue on Its merry way, doing whatever It is doing for whatever reason It might have.

And this is Its biggest promise to us. To never love us back, but to continue in equine indifference.

May you carry the Horse with you. But may the Horse never be with you.


  1. Wow Johanna... I just read that twice and my mind is kind of blown.

    I love philosophies but the Horse is leaving slightly confused, or perhaps, that is Its intention because I'm thinking about myself while Its just there ...

    I need to read this again and think more. Very interesting and knowing me, I will be mulling over this thought.

    Thank YOU for sharing! Now I'll be more keen on your once-seemingly-random Horse tweets. :)

    1. I'm glad to be of - ehm, I'm not sure "help" is the right word here, but I'll go with it anyway.

      Happy mulling! :3