Monday, March 19, 2012

The Paradise Cage

A screen, placed on a wall. Showing images of places far away, exciting, beautiful, enthralling. Intoxicating. Images that one could watch forever, never tiring, never ceasing to be amazed by the Spectacle.

A screen, placed on a wall. No doors in sight.

The paradise cage.

He loves me, I love him! We are happy together! We are building our better future, right here, right now, and - oh, joy! If only you could feel what I feel!

Come along? Oh, but I can't. He doesn't like -

The paradise cage.

YES! Score! I've beaten the old record, and am now the ultimate champion of this game. I rule! Who's the champion? - I'm the champion!

What? A new level? Well, don't mind if i do!

The paradise cage.

Our quarterly report shows that our expected profits are off the charts! Congratulations, everyone! Our hard work have paid off, and soon we are also going to be very well paid off!

The father who barely knew his children didn't feel all that celebratory.

The paradise cage.

Talk is cheap. What you want is impact - and impact in large numbers. By maximizing your exposure in social media, you can make sure that your message will get across  to as many people as you need to cross. Whatever you have to say, you can say it to the world.

Why don't I have anyone to talk to?

The paradise cage.

There! There she goes! The beautiful, mysterious love of my life, who I see every day, walking past, and who makes my heart beat at least thrice as fast as it should by just being around!

She didn't even know his name.

The paradise cage.

We've discovered a new way to speed up the DNA sequencer, and with subsequent mass production we hope to reduce the cost to commercial levels. Just imagine the possibilities! No longer will genetic treatment be restricted to the wealthy, but everyone will be able to afford to be free of disease! We will finally make the common cold so uncommon no one will even remember it!

The virus killed two billion people.

The paradise cage.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

- This cannot work.

The paradise cage.

These three words can be found in the preface to Hélène Cixous' book Stigmata (pdf). These words, this preface, this book has made a home in my thinking. I return to it constantly, not to remember but to remember that I remember. And to keep me on some sort of level when the cage seems to want to engulf me once again.

Weber built a cage out of iron. Cixous out of paradise.

May you not live in either.

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