Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No tulkus allowed

If you are a follower of the Horse, you'll eventually run into the word "tulku". At first, it just seems like a random word that the followers joke around with - indeed, it can be quite fun to joke around with it. Especially since it's a strange word that really doesn't convey any intuitive meaning, which makes for a great injoke for those in the know.

"No tulkus allowed."

Now, the question most of you are probably thinking is: wtf is a tulku?

We could go into all the aspects and details, but the simple answer is: a prophet, a guru, a someone supposed to know stuff you don't.

Tulkus are, as it were, not that popular among the followers of the Horse.

The thing here is that there really are no tulkus. There are only people who think of themselves as tulkus, and other people who treat them as such.

In fact, there are only people.

But people also like the idea of the tulku. Of the wise person who walks among them, and who one can turn to when in search of answers about life, the universe and everything. And, moreover, of being that person who people can come to in search of the very same answers. People do indeed like the idea of being the tulku.

But, in fact, there are only people.

And stepping away from this truth is not a very wise thing to do. Don't treat other people as tulkus, don't let them treat you as a tulku, and most of all don't treat yourself as one. You'll only end up in a strange place, where neither you nor they really know how to talk to each other. You'll only get stuck in the act of being a tulku, a symbol, an icon - regardless of whether it's their or your act, symbol or icon.

There are only people. Do remember that.

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