Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eye on the sky

Sometimes, I wonder if there is someone watching me. Michael Jackson style. I there is someone out there who - for some reason or other - monitors my internet activities?

Well, yes. About 800 of you, give or take - and I'm thankful to each and every one of you.

But. Is there someone out there whose job is to monitor any and all these things that I do. The twittering, the faceboking, the blogging, the everything - everything gets a little notation in a document, and the watching continues.

What kind of picture does this unknown watcher get of me?

Am I just another random name, in a list of subsequent names that has to be monitored, with indifferent annotations added to my file every once in a while? One among many, the name of the day, no one in particular? Just another brick in today's wall?

Or do I have my own, personal watcher? Someone who's been around for a while, who knows my moves, ways, interactions and affinity for vocaloid music? Someone who owns my name in the administrative sense?

Or is it a team effort? Is there a group out there who goes - hey, look what that guy did now!

Who are these people, whose job it is to monitor my every move on this internet thingy? And, for that matter, in that real world we all live in, through the movements of my cell phone, credit cards and other giveaways?

Who are these people? And who do they think they are?

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