Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To love a cyborg

We are all cyborgs.

This may come as somewhat of a surprise. You would think this is one of those things you notice as you walk around in the world, feeling all soft and biological. This sudden change from non-cyborg to cyborg should have had some sort of visible sign, shouldn't it? It's not like these things happen over night, right?


Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, so our cyborghood wasn't built overnight. It was a process that took time, effort and many sleepless nights to accomplish. And many more sleepless morning, where many hard working persons struggle out of bed and back to the never ending work of building the world we live in.

Because, let's face it: we don't live in the natural world any more. We built this city, with concrete, steel, hard work and endless city council meetings (and a certain amount of rock and roll). And we built this economy, with all of its supply chains, complex interdependencies and the million things that just have to happen for the whole shebang to work.

And for us to be able to go to the store, get some food and live another day.

And that is how we became cyborgs. Depending on the machine, becoming the machine - speaking the machine language. Doing the biddings of the machine.

We are the machine. We are all cyborgs.

But don't ask yourself what it means to be a cyborg. Or even what life as a cyborg means. Those are the wrong kinds of questions, and will not lead you anywhere.

Instead, ask what it means to live. And, more importantly, what it means to love.