Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wayward words

I tore a page out of my notebook and threw it away in the streets and wondered if anyone would ever see it.

Just to see if the world cared.

Who in the world might pick it up? Someone I know, someone who lives here? Someone from out of town, just passing through, happening to happen upon my words?

Look upon my words, ye stranger, and smile.

I don't remember what words I wrote on that page. I do hope they were, are, good words. Strong words. Words that will move mountains in the world of my anonymous reader. Words that, in some way or another, will change things to the better. Nudging the odds the tiniest of bits in favor for this reading someone.

Maybe they will remix these words. Make them into something else, something new. Something I would never have thought of, something that would never have happened should I not had shared my words with the world. Something that, one day, will make me smile, unknowing of my own part in it.

Or into a gift to someone I don't know. A gift that will change yet another life, in ways I have no way of ever knowing.

Or, maybe, into something written on a page in a notebook, which someone will share with the world, just to see if it cares. -

(This is a reflection/expansion on a tweet. This tweet.)

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