Thursday, August 23, 2012

The love, the situation, the solution

Friends! Enemies! Friends of friends! Enemies of enemies! A Situation has arisen, and your help is needed!

You see, there are two people who are in love. And they make those generic pop songs you hear on the radio pale in comparison. We're talking the real deal here, bona fide true love, straight out of the dictionary of things that are hard to find. If love ever moved mountains, this is what it looks like.

The situation here is that the two lovers are just about as far from each other as it is possible to be on this planet. One is here in Sweden, which is far away to begin with. The other is down in Australia, which (somehow) is even further away.

This is not the way true lovers are supposed to be.

It gets worse, though. It turns out both of them are struggling hard just to make ends meet, and that the economic reality is that love does not move people. Whatever the mountains may have to say about it.

But. There is hope. There is after all you and me. And there is this book they are selling in order to finance the epic journey of love that we all know needs to happen.

So I urge you to buy it. In the name of love.

You can also follow these two lovebirds on Twitter, in order to see how it turns out. Just click here and/or here and you are good to go.

Let's hope they will be good to go too.


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