Friday, February 14, 2014

More, longer skies

I have this peculiar tradition. Every Valentine's day, I start up a new blog, regardless of whether I need one or not. Which means two things. One: this is the second anniversary of this here blog you're reading right now (party mode!). Two: there is indeed a new blog out there, and you can find the three first posts by pressing this here link:

More longer friend, can you see that sky?

I'll leave it up to you to figure out what the overall gist of this new thing is. What you probably won't be able to figure out (nor have any reason to, should you be among the 99.9% of everyone that doesn't read Swedish) is that the visual theme is an homage to this vast expanse of gray blogitude that turns five today. (There are translations, though.)

Gray is the new, and old, black.

The aim of this tradition is, as is the aim of any proper modernist tradition, to be anti-tradition. To get new things in motion, to get unstuck from the thousand ruts that is the things we tend to do, and to nudge the default. Not in any particular direction, mind. Just in general.


To the days beyond this one which are still perfect. Whatever they may be.
I'll see you there.

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