Monday, October 1, 2012

Antispace, antitheory, antithesis

Consider the parking lot. Or parking space in general.

Parking space has two modes. Occupied or free. There is no middle ground - it's either in use or in potential use.

This is seen most clearly if and when the space is used for anything that is not the storage of cars. There is almost no need to explain this point - just imagine someone taking up space in a busy parking lot. If you are even a moderately invested car user, the anger you most likely feel at this stupid wastage is enough to make any theory somewhat overkill. And brutally irrelevant.

Wasting precious parking space is as close to a modern sin as one can get.

Yet unused parking space is just space. Antispace. The absence of everything else. The active non-usage of something that could potentially be anything.

It is possible to build a very intricate theoretical framework around the wasted space of the unused parking lot. It would probably be very interesting, too, were it not for that anger that any notion of there not being enough parking space instantly produces.

There is, after all, only theory and anti-theory. The middle ground seems to be as elusive as a somewhat occupied parking space. -


  1. Det finns !! Vad får dej att tro att nån skulle sluta när inte ens du kan låta bli att kommentera rymdens existentiella befintlighet ?! Vem slösa mest tid i detta fall

    1. It's not the first time, either. I seem to devote a lot of space to space. ;)