Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Flaming feminism

Sometimes, I happen into discussions with Men's Rights spokespeople, and before long they start to throw any amount of flames against feminism. For the amount of flaming hatred, however, they seem to be very vague around what exactly feminism is.

When I try to impress upon them that feminism is a theoretical approach that sets out to determine what social, cultural and economic factors play in to the discursive construction of what may be referred to as "gender", combined with a practical set of social techniques that mitigate the negative consequences that follow from this discursive construct, - they seem to be less impressed than one might imagine.

Overall, they seem to think I'm a liar because I've not said anything about women wanting to brutally suppress all men between the iron fisted boots of matriarchy.

What would give them that impression, I wonder?


  1. Well it's not easy any moore to realy know what femlnlsm are. Some people just try to get moore voters by saing they are. Like I wrote yesterday in G+, the word femlnlsm had been kidnaped and crashed. Everybody and no one know what feminism are anymoore.

    1. There is, of course, a difference between feminism as a rhetorical vehicle and feminism as a theoretical framework. In public discourse, the former seem to be the one most visible. To the detriment of the latter, unless you make an effort to get into the framework by means of reading, writing and acting.

      Hmm. Maybe there is an additional post to be written here. ^^

  2. Come on, everyone knows what feminism is at bottom. Hairsplitting merely frustrates antifeminists by leading to more feminist argument. Give us equality and we'll stop being so annoying.