Thursday, September 27, 2012

The little _ebook that could

I have an _ebook. It is a very strange experience.

It has two sources of food for its thoughts. One of them is the blog you are staring at right now, and the other is my somewhat constant twitter feed. By means of remixing the words found in these sources, it then produces tweets of varying hilarity. Some make me laugh out loud, some are meh and some are repeats of earlier tweets.

It could use more source material, to be sure. Good thing I'm working on that.

One strange part is that I for the most part remember the fragments it remixes into new statements. Sometimes it's a whole sentence, sometimes part of one, sometimes just a word - I remember. And this remembering adds a whole layer of contextual meaning to what it says.

I cannot imagine what others see. I am, as it were, somewhat full of myself.

Another part of the strangeness is seeing one's own words echoed by someone (something) else. It makes it abundantly clear that I use and abuse some aspect of language more than I reasonably have a right to, and that it is very much time to put more words into action.

It is still too early to build a genre made out of my comfort zone.

I do have to thank the good Tan for getting things going. And should you happen to like this creation of his - do send him a thankful tweet, poke or thought.

Or a hug. For good measure.

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