Monday, September 24, 2012

Share me

During my virtual rambling adventures, I often meet new people. Such as you. And somehow, my seemingly random rantings seem to make somewhat of an impression on these new people. A good one, to boot. Sometimes, they even tell me about it, and occasionally they ask what they can do to help me do more of what I do.

I always tell these kind souls the same two things:

Thank you, and share.

Retweet it, post it on the Facebook, Digg it, tell a friend about it - whatever it is that you do when you tell someone about something awesome, do that.

That helps me more than one would think. And it just might make the same impression on your sharees as it did on you.

Thank you again.


  1. our soft sciences can beat the hell out of the math geeks at NSA. proven that.

  2. but still they won't surrender. they have offended my honor and by the ancient laws of combat I demand satisfaction as a Gentleman.

  3. or I will do their Agency some very nasty damage indeed...

  4. they don't know when to admit defeat

  5. when to cut and run. before their whole outhouse goes up in their own friendly fire

  6. pistols at ten paces. Bush Kerry or any real Bonesman alive...I DEMAND SATISFACTION FOR YOUR INSULTS TO MY HONOR