Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Small powers

I love plots that depict how a plan goes through a series of events to get from start to finish. Not because of how complicated the plan seems from the outside, but because of how mundane it is for most of the participants.

Or, rather, I love plots that transforms the social fabric of the world we live in to a machine that can be predicted. And, for the purposes of whatever scheme the protagonists happen to pursue, used.

Think about your life. Think more specifically about what you do in that part of life you call work. What happens there?

More or less the same thing every day, plus/minus a few of Those Days. There is a normal flow of things, and that feeling of doing the same thing day in and day out is more than an empty feeling. Most likely, you ARE doing the same thing day in and day out - and like all predictable things, they can be predicted.

With enough predictable parts, a plot can be planned and a plan plotted.

I love this not only because of the intricacy of the plots, but also because of the subversive subtext that can be found in them. The subtext that you are not powerless, regardless of how stuck in a rut you may feel in your predictability.

Just gather enough fellow people, and you can make great things happen.

So. Shall we?

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