Friday, September 14, 2012

How holy do you need to be?

There used to be a hole in the fence.

This was a good thing, as the route around this fence was rather circuitous. So people made this hole a routine part of their everyday life - getting from here to there is after all that much easier when the getting is that much less effort.

Until someone among the powers that be decided that this hole needed to be fixed. And it was.

Which came as somewhat of a surprise for just about everyone. This hole had been a feature of everyday life for years, and no one had really expected it to be repaired any time soon. Or any time, really.

I give this new piece of fencing a couple of weeks, at most, before a new hole is in place. Most likely in the very same place.

I must admit to being a bit confused about this sudden spur of reparatory action.  Why now, of all times? And why had they not asked the community about their opinions on the matter?

That word, "community", might clue you in that this may not only apply to municipal matters, but also to the more indirect aspects of virtual community management.

What are the holes in your fences, and do you really need to repair them?

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